Where does 5G go next?
Where does 5G go next?

Where does 5G go next?

In the race to win the 5G future, now is the time for business leaders to take the first step.

The 2018 Winter Olympics left us with more to talk about than just the athletic competition. Their conclusion marks the beginning for an array of emerging technologies to change how we interact with the world. 5G is one of those game-changing technologies.

The next generation of wireless, 5G is the foundation for a truly mobile and connected world. It will enable data to move back and forth at super-fast speeds and in huge quantities, enabling revolutionary innovations ranging from autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart cities. Across industries, companies will benefit from more data and faster flows of information, leading to new insights and driving better decision-making. There will be opportunities to connect with customers on a new level, to deploy high-tech products we could once only dream about, and to unlock countless new sources of value.

In the race to win the 5G future, now is the time for business leaders to take the first step. That means answering key questions that will help drive smart strategic decisions, such as:

  • How will 5G enable or disrupt current products and services?
  • What new product and service opportunities will 5G deployment create?
  • What companies are best positioned to become platform players as a result of their strong 5G networks? How will you interact them?
  • How will the practical rollout of 5G networks change the behaviors and expectations of customers?

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