Utilities: Effective business strategies to weather disruption

Saving customers and costs with advanced data analytics

Adam Levy

Adam Levy

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Jeffrey Mango

Jeffrey Mango

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Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith

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How has disruption impacted customers and cash flow?

The 2020 global disruption has changed power and utilities customer payment behaviors. Companies need to prepare and respond to billing and cash flow challenges now. They must also manage bad debt as well as provide economic relief to customers.

In this uncertain environment, KPMG can help your organization immediately begin to understand potential challenges, create plans for near-term financial needs, and design a sustainable, effective post-disruption recovery strategy.

Read the slip sheet below to see how your business can weather the current disruption and emerge stronger.

Utilities: Saving customers and costs with advanced data analytics
Learn about key challenges and critical approaches to disruption as well as how KPMG can help utilities succeed in the new reality.
The riskiest customers may not always be the highest priority.
Jeffrey Mango, Managing Director, Customer Solutions, KPMG U.S.

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Build a resilient, cost-effective business

KPMG professionals can help you with the following issues to minimize expenses and risk, enhance returns on investment, drive operational efficiencies and boost your brand with customers.

  • Power and utilities strategy and analytics
  • Crisis response planning
  • Rapid risk diagnostics
  • Scenario analysis and contingency planning
  • Operations strategy and execution
  • Integrated tax planning