Future Ready video: Four keys to success

Watch this video to better understand the challenges business leaders are facing and to learn how they can navigate change and transform for the future.



What does disruption look like? It's not enough to respond to disruption, you need to be the disrupter. 86% of CEOs say they are working to disrupt their own sectors, but many are struggling to pivot to an economy grounded in data, insights and new ideas. The 21st Century Enterprise is the vision for an organization fit for purpose in this new age. It excels across four key dimensions. Customer engagement, the changing nature and value of assets, everything as a service, and the workforce of the future. Customer engagement: put the customer at the center of the design process, and personalize experiences. Changing nature and value of assets: unlock value from non-traditional assets like intellectual property, networks, and data to drive decisions and create new opportunities.

Everything as a service: harness the power of data analytics. Artificial intelligence and other technologies. And outsource business functions available as a service, instead of building internal infrastructure to innovate and scale faster. Workforce of the future: transform how to manage the workforce, with an agile approach to attract top talent by embracing intelligent automation and the gig economy. The sheer pace of change, market disrupters, and range of emerging technologies can be overwhelming. The key to a successful pivot hinges on adopting the right innovation strategy. Keep up with evolving customer expectations. Rethink which functions could be accessed as a service. Generate more value from your data. Transform your work approach. Ready to disrupt? Learn more at KPMG.com/Innovation.