The Global LNG journey to be the sustainable fuel alternative | GEC 2019


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

10:30 am - 11:20 am (Concurrent session IB)

In 2019 approximately 60-100 mmpta is expected to be sanctioned, and will be put into the market in 2020-2025 time frame. What about the demand side? There is no doubt that increasing LNG demand exists especially in Asia, however, whether the growth will be stable, and the incremental growth from South East Asia will be unlocked in the perfect timing, maybe a challenge.  To make LNG a sustainable fuel alternative, the pace of new LNG construction needs to be kept at certain level, which requires foreseeable demand and adequate level of market pricing.  The panel will discuss the current LNG market dynamics and prospects from various market stakeholders view point.

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Mina Sekiguchi

Mina Sekiguchi

Managing Director, Head of Energy & Infrastructure, KPMG Japan


Kristy Kramer

Kristy Kramer

Head of Americas Gas Research, Wood Mackenzie

Jonathan Westby

Jonathan Westby

Co-Managing Director, Energy Marketing & Trading, Centrica PLC

Hiroki Sato

Hiroki Sato

Managing Executive Officer, JERA Co. Inc

Lance Goodwin

Lance Goodwin

VP, Business Development LNG Marketing, Freeport LNG

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