Latin America, energy poverty, and COVID-19

An interview with Regina Mayor, Global and U.S. Head of Energy with KPMG and Brendan Duval, founder and CEO of Glenfarne Group

Regina Mayor

Regina Mayor

Global Head of Energy, KPMG in the U.S.

+1 713-319-3137

Brendan Duval

Brendan Duval

Founder and Managing Partner, Glenfarne Group

Podcast overview

Brendan Duval is founder and managing partner of Glenfarne Group, an integrated energy infrastructure owner operator with power and gas infrastructure lines of business in the investment-grade Americas. The company expects to expand into other world regions in late 2020.

Because Mr. Duval is originally from Australia, has lived in the US for 20 years, and much of his business operates in Latin America, he brought a unique perspective on the global energy industry to a conversation he recently had with Regina Mayor, Global and U.S. Head of Energy with KPMG.

Topics they discussed include:

  • The opportunities for energy assets in investment-grade, economically strong Latin American countries
  • How to keep the grid stable with gas, batteries, and other types of back-up power when needed
  • Energy poverty as a global challenge, especially during the current coronavirus pandemic
  • Why the need for stable climate change policies hasn’t changed, despite COVID-19
  • Why the Latin American countries’ governments are supporting use of renewables with regulations, rather than cash injections
  • Why the current “mismatch” in supply and demand for LNG will be gone in 12 to 24 months, allowing its price to rise and become more stable.

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