LinkedIn live: Cyber attacks on the energy industry (kpmg.us)

Webcast overview

The energy industry has recently been subjected to cyberattacks on their critical assets disrupting operations. How can your company be prepared for the next cyberattack and what plans are in place to recover when there is a security breach in your organization? This LinkedIn Live will dive into the vulnerabilities the energy sector energy faces and discuss plans to mitigate risks.

Join us on June 16 as leaders from KPMG Cyber Security, Ronald Heil and Jason Haward-Grau, address the cyber threats to the energy industry and how to be better prepared for when the next cyberattack happens.

Topics to be explored, including insights from the KPMG energy cyber professionals, include:

  • OT/IT cyber risks and their convergence
  • Importance of digital twins
  • Planning a recovery from a cyberattack
  • How organizations can protect themselves from a cyberattack.

Featured speakers

Jason A Haward-Grau

Jason A Haward-Grau

Principal, Advisory, Cyber Security Services, KPMG US

Ronald Heil

Ronald Heil

Partner, KPMG Netherlands