Effects of the Biden administration on the energy industry

Webcast overview

The Biden administration promises to bring significant changes that will result in uncertainty across all areas of the energy industry. Policy changes are happening fast and furiously, and executives are trying to prepare for how their businesses may be affected. 

Listen to the discussion with KPMG's Constance Hunter and John Gimigliano where they addressed the big changes they see coming from the Biden administration related to regulatory, infrastructure, tax, and the economy – and will discuss their specific observations on what that all means for the energy industry.

Throughout the webcast, over 1,000 energy professionals were polled on their views. To access the results of the polling questions, click on the PDF below.


Angie Gildea

Angie Gildea

National Sector Leader – Energy, Natural Resources and Chemicals, KPMG in the US

Featured speakers

John P. Gimigliano

John P. Gimigliano

Principal, Washington National Tax, KPMG US

Constance L  Hunter

Constance L Hunter

Former Principal and Chief Economist, KPMG LLP