The Entrepreneur's Roadmap: From Concept to IPO

Your company is unique. But the challenges you face as a startup are not.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t repeat other people’s mistakes. They learn from them. And then they adapt their strategy and roadmap accordingly. But accessing the best advisors, talent and experiences isn’t easy. And if you are a CEO, CFO, Controller or Founder responsible for growing a private company, you may not have the time – or the connections – to get the full picture.

KPMG, in collaboration with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and additional contributors, have developed The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap: From Concept to IPO. This guide is designed to help entrepreneurs by offering critical insights from concept to taking a company public and gain an understanding of both the benefits and challenges through each stage.

In this guide, you will learn about:

- The Seed Stage: Starting a Company
- The Growth Stage: Scaling the Business 
- Preparing for the Next Chapter
- Getting Ready for an Exit 
- A Frontline Perspective

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