Trade and customs and intercompany pricing for Japanese companies

Webcast overview:

Please note that this Webcast is intended for a Japanese-speaking audience, and the majority of the content will be presented in Japanese. A Japanese version of this invitation is available here.

KPMG LLP cordially invites you to a 90-minute audio Webcast that will cover trade and customs and intercompany pricing for Japanese companies. 

In recent months, the U.S. government has taken significant tariff actions, affecting a variety of products in a wide array of industries. For Japanese multinational companies operating in North America, these tariff actions may create severe issues with respect to value chain management and transfer pricing. Companies are now considering how to react to these developments: Is a narrowly defined short-term solution aimed at easing the present potential economic impact the appropriate approach, or is it more appropriate to revisit the supply chain design with a view towards seeking a competitive advantage, or both? 

Understanding key trade and customs concepts and impacted transactions in advance will help Japanese multinational companies to effectively manage risks and costs related to the tariff actions, maintaining a competitive advantage in their industries. In this Webcast, we will discuss key trade and customs concepts and how Japanese companies can better manage their value chains from both the trade and customs and transfer pricing perspectives.

Please note that this Webcast is not eligible for CPE credit.


George Zaharatos

George Zaharatos

Principal, Tax, Trade & Customs, KPMG US

Shigenori Iwaki

Shigenori Iwaki

Managing Director, Economic Valuation Services, KPMG US