In Session: with Dan Feitelberg

How does a higher education institution shift to an outcome-based approach model?

Prior to joining KPMG, Dan Feitelberg served as Vice Chancellor of Planning and Budget at University of California, Merced. As the chief financial officer for the rapidly growing and evolving campus, Dan provided meaningful leadership and guidance on a number of strategic initiatives including organizational development, change management, and public private partnerships. Combined with his expertise in public finance, real estate, and infrastructure, Dan’s institutional knowledge is a valuable asset as he now works for KPMG, sharing that knowledge and experience with other higher education universities.

Colleges and universities are among the most stable and fundamental institutions in our society. At the same time they are on the front lines of change, fostering the process of discovery and human knowledge, driving new technologies and answering society’s most important questions. Whether it be global climate change or adapting to technologies and artificial intelligence, we have to foster the stability and success of these institutions so the next generation of leaders can help society adapt to those changes as they enter the global workforce.

In Session is KPMG’s latest higher education insights series that features interviews with industry professionals that are working with colleges and universities around the country that are being tested by the rapid pace of change. Whether it’s taking a hard look at business models or developing new tools to enhance the ability of the administration, KPMG is working shoulder to shoulder with these institutions to help them effectively provide services to their faculty and students.

In Session: with Dan Feitelberg
Dan Feitelberg shares his thoughts on the industry and why a long-term financial outlook, focused on outcome-based approaches are proving to be most effective.