The Path to Cyber Resilience

Surveying cyber readiness and pain points in Federal, State, and Local Governments

In recent years, cyber attacks have crippled operations across a number of industries and operations. As a frequent recipient of these attacks, the public sector faces an increasingly dire situation in 2019: ransomware attacks that hold state-run websites on lockdown, data breaches resulting from use of unauthorized apps, and sophisticated attacks that overwhelm previously impermeable defenses.

Managing and anticipating these risks will be vital, but are agencies covering their bases and laying the groundwork? In order to understand the state of cybersecurity progress and pain points across the public sector, Government Business Council (GBC) deployed the following survey to federal, state, and local employees between August and September 2019.


Cybersecurity confidence is growing

Respondents generally approve of their organization's recent cyber progress. In the event of an attack, 68% feel their agency is moderately, very, or extremely prepared to respond effectively. 


Cyber workforce is key

About one third of respondents believe personnel are their greatest asset in maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture, but they also point to a lack of expertise as their greatest liability leaving them vulnerable. 


Lack of confidence in existing processes

Most respondents are only slightly or not at all confident that existing processes will enable to acheive successful IT transformation.