Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

A candid survey of the challenges and opportunities Federal, State and Local governments face in harnessing digital technologies to better achieve organizational goals.

Government agencies are undergoing a digital explosion: greater and greater amounts of information are being produced and transmitted electronically, but the digital infrastructure powering these operations is straining under the weight. The pressure has exposed gaps in business processes, leadership strategy, and training and recruitment efforts, reinforcing the idea that digital transformation is not entirely understood, supported, or directed as it should be. With limited budgets, agencies are forced to choose between equally critical priorities in order to protect their data, expand mission potential, and prepare workforce needs for the future.

Do they have what they need to succeed?

To answer this question and understand more about the challenges agencies face in their digital transformation journey, KPMG and the Government Business Council released an in-depth research study of federal, state, and local government employees.

The study findings show government agencies face multiple challenges to digital transformation efforts. The data is stark, but the risks of inaction are too great to accept the status quo. Learn more by downloading the full report. 


Many cite slow progress

Nearly half of those surveyed believe their organization trails other departments when it comes to adopting new technologies for transforming business processes. 


Internal considerations drive digital reforms

A majority of those surveyed say their organization's digital transformation is dictated more by internal pursuits versus external pursuits. 


Lack of confidence in existing processes

Most respondents are only slightly or not at all confident that existing processes will enable to acheive successful IT transformation. 

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector - KPMG
A candid survey of modernization in Federal, State, and Local governments.
If you’re not in the right transformation state today, then it will continue moving further and further away from you.
Robert M. Dwyer, Principal, Federal Advisory Technology Leader, KPMG

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