COVID-19: Potential Impact on Health Insurance Exchange Enrollment

A model and estimate to provide baseline information for stakeholders to begin to assess the potential impact on the health insurance market.

Erkan Erdem

Erkan Erdem

Principal, Economic & Valuation Services, KPMG US

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With over half of Americans having their health insurance tied to their employment, and an estimated 40.5 million anticipated to lose their jobs through June 2020, many may also lose health coverage. To help state and federal stakeholders, KPMG developed a model to estimate the potential net increase in Exchange enrollment due to the economic impact of COVID-19.

Uncertainty remains a constant as we attempt to understand the dynamic interplays of COVID-19 and society in the U.S. and its impact on health coverage. Depending on how COVID-19 and social distancing policies evolve over the next several months, the types of industries and workers impacted will also evolve, requiring further analysis.