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Tony Hubbard

Tony Hubbard

Principal, Government Cyber Security Leader, KPMG US

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When citizens, government employees, and other constituents interact with their federal, state, or local governments, they expect their entire digital experience to be secure. It is each government organization’s responsibility to deliver on that expectation. A recent study found 64 percent of Americans do not trust federal agencies with their personal information.1 Unlike the private sector, people usually have no other choice over what is shared with government – it’s the agency which needs to answer their constituents’ calls for trust.

The challenge to earn trust grows more complex as governments accelerate their digital journeys. Bad actors increase the quantity, sophistication, and scope of threats every day, making it imperative for governments to establish thorough security controls to protect the entire digital experience. This includes lowering risk of attacks via third parties, protecting critical data and assets, and securing the supply chain.

These articles present proven approaches and tools, such as third-party risk management, zero-trust, and DevSecOps. We also share how to best use technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and low-code technology to build trust. When governments use modern approaches, tools, and technologies, they can secure digital experiences and advance modernization efforts while building and maintaining trust.

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1. "How privacy-enhancing technologies can ease customers’ confidentiality concerns,”, June 17, 2021.

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