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KPMG helps government agencies act on cybersecurity SINS

Tony Hubbard

Tony Hubbard

Principal, Government Cyber Security Leader, KPMG US

+1 703-286-8320

Government agencies across America need to improve cybersecurity per Executive Order 14028, Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity.

The General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70 Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) Special Item Numbers (SINS) offer agencies faster access to KPMG cybersecurity practices to help identify vulnerabilities, support incident response, minimize breach risk, and support risk management. 

KPMG is among the GSA-vetted vendors authorized to provide cybersecurity services to government agencies under the new HACS SINS. Our teams have extensive knowledge and experience to help agencies act fast on the five cybersecurity SINS. Download the article to read more.