Modern government: Connected. Powered. Trusted.

Organizations that provide human-centric experiences earn the public’s trust and attract next-generation workers.

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A modern government understands its citizens’ needs and preferences and can offer the seamless digital experience consumers expect in all aspects of their lives.

While many governments are modernizing behind the scenes, their constituents may not see the progress. In a KPMG survey of more than 1,000 U.S. citizens, only 38 percent said they feel like a valued customer when they interact with the government. Many agencies still operate with decades-old legacy systems that raise risks and impede strategic technology updates and many still don’t see their constituents as customers – there must be a shift in mindset.

Modernization is now top of mind for government agency heads, chief technology officers, and chief human resources officers across federal, state, and local agencies. And although digital transformation is critical, attracting and retaining highly skilled and creative talent to meet 21st-century demands is equally as important.

Legacy technology creates a catch-22 for governments as they seek to modernize. They cannot replace outdated technology with new innovations without a workforce with the latest digital skills. At the same time, outdated technologies and the lack of employee value propositions make agencies less attractive for many younger professionals who might consider a government sector career.

In Modern government: Connected. Powered. Trusted., we explore how leaders can reassess their agencies’ visions, cultures, benefits, and recruiting processes. The goal is to align with the outlook and values the next generation worker is seeking in order to attract a talented workforce with the passion to modernize. In this extensive research we also explore ways government leaders should implement emerging technologies that continue to facilitate a more digitized, streamlined experience for employees and the public.

The goal is a modern government that is connected, powered, trusted: connected across agencies, programs and services, with an agile and skilled workforce that harnesses the latest technology to increase transparency and win public trust.

Modern government: Connected. Powered. Trusted.
Governments can meet the public’s changing needs by digitalizing interactions with constituents, increasing trust, and attracting the next-generation workforce
Governing: Building a Blueprint for Modern Government
How modernization enabled by Digital Transformation can reshape the workforce and constituent experience and build trust.


KPMG Insights on Modern Government

Modernizing government: it’s not just about embracing new technologies—it’s an organizational shift in processes, priorities and culture. How do governments modernize? By revolutionizing the way they serve their constituents and their colleagues. This video gives an overview of the KPMG Modern Government campaign, providing insights into our work to drive government agencies forward.

Federal, state, and local organization leaders find it easier to focus their modernization efforts if they approach them by blueprint. Our blueprints are how modernizing affects the government workforce, the user experience, trust in the government agency, and the digital journey. Click below to discover how to supercharge your modernization efforts to encompass all processes, technologies, policies, and people so each works together to create a modern government.