Modern government: Connected. Powered. Trusted.

Meeting changing public needs by digitalizing interactions, increasing trust, and attracting the next-generation workforce

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Brenda Walker

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A modern government is in tune with the needs and preferences of an increasingly "wired" citizen and can offer the same seamless digital interactions that consumers have come to expect in all aspects of their lives.

While governments have taken steps toward modernization, in many cases that progress is being missed by their constituents. A KPMG survey of more than 1,000 U.S. citizens found that only 38 percent said they feel like a valued customer when they interact with the government. One reason is that many government agencies are operating with legacy systems that are decades old and can face challenges when pursuing strategic technology updates.

That’s why modernization should be top of mind for agency heads, as well as government chief technology officers and chief human resources officers on the federal, state and local level.

But there’s another reason: although digital transformation is critical, an equally important consideration is attracting and retaining highly skilled and creative talent that governments will need to successfully meet 21st-century demands. At present, governments’ legacy technology creates a catch-22: outdated technology can't be replaced with new innovations without a workforce with the latest IT skills. At the same time, outdated technologies and amenities are disincentives for many younger professionals who might consider a career in the government sector.

In Modern government: Connected. Powered. Trusted., we explore how leaders can reassess their agencies’ visions, cultures, benefits, and recruiting processes to align with the outlook and values of a younger generation, creating a workforce imbued with the talent and passion to move their modernization agenda forward. At the same time, they should ensure that emerging technologies continue to be implemented to facilitate a more digitalized, streamlined experience for both employees and the public.

The goal is a modern government that is connected, powered, trusted: connected across agencies, programs and services, with an agile and skilled workforce; and, harnessing the latest technology to increase transparency and win public trust.

Modern government: Connected. Powered. Trusted.
Governments can meet the changing needs of the public by digitalizing interactions with constituents, taking steps to increase trust, and attracting the next-generation workforce

KPMG's Insights on Modern Government

As our world rapidly changes, government increasingly finds itself bearing a heavy burden. KPMG offers a vision for today's leaders to not only respond to change but enhance public confidence through meeting the challenges of continuous improvement, enabling a remote workforce, and enhancing agency mission. We call this Modern Government.