On the not-for-profit audit committee agenda

Considerations for not-for-profit audit committees as they carry out their 2021 agendas

David Gagnon

David Gagnon

National Audit Leader - Higher Education, Research, and other Not-for-Profits, KPMG US

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Rosemary Meyer

Rosemary Meyer

Partner, Audit, KPMG US

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In the wake of the events that defined 2020 and having to navigate unprecedented disruptions that have impacted philanthropic efforts and core operating activities, boards and audit committees must now chart paths forward in a landscape forever altered by the pandemic.

Within the document, we’ve highlighted several areas to keep in mind as you consider and carry out your 2021 agendas, including the following:

  • Take a fresh look at the audit committee’s agenda and workload
  • Maintain the focus on cybersecurity and data privacy
  • Harness enterprise risk management (ERM) to better anticipate and manage risk
  • Monitor continuing impacts of COVID-19 and other emerging matters
  • Help ensure that internal audit remains focused on the most critical risks
On the not-for-profit audit committee agenda
Drawing on insights from our interactions with not-for-profit audit committees and senior administrators, we highlight several areas for audit committees to consider as they carry out their 2021 agendas