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New ways of working in the digital era require government workers and leaders to have different skills. Employee expectations have evolved, making it necessary for government organizations to rethink their culture and employee value proposition. With one-third of the federal workforce eligible to retire by 2025 and the number of graduates going into federal, state, and local jobs dropping, some government agencies are seeing the pipeline of new recruits dwindling.

These articles include practical ideas and methods to help governments attract, engage, and retain a digital and diverse workforce that will support their digital journey. We share how to plan for the organization’s workforce needs; how to create a culture that encourages innovation, uses a flexible work model, and offers training and career development that today’s workers expect. We also offer ideas that challenge the traditional ways government organizations compete for talent.

Modern governments will be attractive to the next-generation public workforce. As skills evolve and the fight to recruit and retain skilled candidates intensifies, job seekers and employees are in control. Organizations need their workforce and leadership to drive modernization, while continuing to deliver on their missions.

Governments have an opportunity to build an attractive brand and employee value proposition that job seekers will want to join. Let us help you build the workforce for a modern government.