5G smart warehouse for federal agencies

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Chad J Jones

Chad J Jones

Managing Director, Advisory, FED Supply Chain & Operations, KPMG US

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While traditional warehouse systems and processes can yield many logistical inefficiencies—such as lack of supply chain visibility, inventory management challenges, inefficiencies at all phases of operation, and excess labor—upgrading to a smart warehouse integrated with 5G capabilities can completely modernize this paradigm. What that means is that advanced 5G technology can exponentially transform logistical operations within federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, ensuring they can consistently exceed service level expectations and more importantly, mission-readiness requirements.

Lead with 5G innovation

KPMG is ready to help U.S. Military agencies achieve leap-ahead capabilities and game-changing outcomes by integrating 5G and smart technologies to deliver a fully-connected warehouse.

The DoD is leading with 5G innovation to strengthen our nation’s warfighting capabilities by creating a leap-ahead opportunity for U.S. Military storage command. Pairing smart warehouse applications and 5G capabilities, KPMG estimates the U.S. Military can reduce labor cost by more than 55%; increase speed of gear by more than 65%; maximize warehouse storage to over 90%; and improve auditability and accountability of gear in storage to more than 98% accuracy.

To achieve these game-changing outcomes, a U.S. Military department selected KPMG to help build the U.S. Military’s first 5G smart warehouse prototype. KPMG’s approach will help achieve leap-ahead capabilities, including the ability to make simulation-informed decisions, and leverage intelligent decision support, actionable utilization insights, and real-time performance views.

Your mission is critical. Your outcomes vital. With a modular, digitalized, customizable, end-to-end solution, KPMG can help federal agencies achieve leap-ahead capabilities and game-changing outcomes by combining 5G and smart technologies to deliver an integrated global warehouse management solution.

Learn how this can work. View your future KPMG 5G warehouse with a virtual reality visit.

KPMG is at the ready

KPMG has been selected to help build the U.S. Department of Defense first 5G smart warehouse prototype, with a start-to-finish modular system incorporating smart capabilities that can support unique needs across the U.S. Department of Defense. It can seamlessly incorporate new and emerging technology to improve mission readiness, facilitate plug and play of people, process, and technology, and anticipate receiving and shipping processes and equipment. Moreover, by implementing KPMG LLP’s solution, the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies can achieve leap-ahead capabilities—dramatically reducing labor cost; increasing speed of gear; improving auditability and accountability of gear in storage; reducing labor; improving safety; and increasing speed of inventory processes.

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