Driving cost optimization and efficiency in state government

A National Association of State Chief Administrators State Collaborative report

Recommendations for State Chief Administrators, by State Chief Administrators

The future of state government is clear– citizen-centered, digitally-enabled, data-driven, agile, and connected as never before. However, governments can only deliver this vision if their operations are geared to enable and sustain it.

The National Association of State Chief Administrators’ (NASCA’s) analysis of State Chief Administrators in 2021 revealed budget reductions and cost efficiencies as one of the top ten priorities for State Chief Administrators. To address the priority, KPMG collaborated with NASCA, who convened the NASCA State Collaborative, a working group of State Chief Administrators, deputies, and other officers. Together, we collaborated around practical, tested options that State Chief Administrators can employ to address budget constraints, drive efficiencies, and optimize costs while advancing a modern agenda.

Download the report to uncover actionable strategies, informative case studies, and powerful insights from 25 State Chief Administrators and deputies from across 12 states.

Future-focused State Chief Administrators are embracing the technology, work models, processes, and innovations necessary to create responsive, citizen-centered, and cost-effective state government operations.

Key cost optimization and efficiency strategies from the report

Build a modern workforce

  • Reorganize your workforce - "teleworking", "hybrid", and "in-office“
  • Streamline and personalize learning
  • Develop a brand as an “Employer of Choice”

Accelerate digitalization

  • Enable and scale automation
  • Explore no-code / low-code development
  • Modernize and transition relevant applications to the cloud

Enable more efficient operating models

  • Examine shared services models aligned with modern government
  • Streamline purchasing with Master Services Agreements and procurement strategies

Enhance trust

  • Invest in cybersecurity - identify processes, scenarios and strategies
  • Evolve performance management


Extract greater value from state assets

  • Explore space as a service models
  • Rationalize your real estate assets based on your workforce culture
  • Rightsize your fleet portfolio

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