Implementing G-Invoicing at your federal agency

Mandate compliance can be a benefit, not a chore, for your federal agency

Nikki Reid

Nikki Reid

Partner, Federal Advisory, KPMG US

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Most federal agencies have discovered converting to the new U.S. Treasury Government Invoicing platform is more complex and time consuming than they first expected. Implementing can take months to years, depending on the agency. Each federal agency should consider these factors to help ensure successful implementation:

  • Consider how the implementation impacts stakeholders. Take advantage of partnerships within your organization and among trading partners to avoid operating in silos.
  • Understand G-Invoicing implementation is more than a system change. It requires data cleansing and new systems, policies, and procedures.
  • Implementation requires a phased approach that considers trading partner progress, internal complexities, and change management so employees know how the mandate will affect their work.
  • Leaders and stakeholders must define success up front for each implementation phase to manage participants’ expectations.


KPMG can help

KPMG helps federal agencies meet G-Invoicing implementation requirements and deadlines while adding value to the agency. We merge our federal audit experience and industry knowledge with our full-scale enterprise framework, so agencies have positive and long-term effects. The framework breaks the implementation into five manageable components:


Program Management includes a G-Invoicing project plan, with timelines and status updates, to enhance collaboration within the entity and with trading partners.


Business Process Reengineering is where we document the current and target landscapes to redesign business processes for peak performance, productivity, and quality.


Technology Optimization is where we work together to enhance technology and standardize information.


During Data Strategy & Reconciliation, we establish a reconciliation strategy and facilitate data analysis, cleansing, and visualization.


During Change Management, we identify new roles and responsibilities and also prepare and equip employees to achieve organizational success.

Learn how KPMG can help implement G-Invoicing—no matter how far your agency has progressed