Unemployment insurance modernization

Helping states modernize unemployment insurance delivery to drive better and more equitable outcomes for citizens

When benefit systems fail to meet citizen demand and expectations, trust in government is quickly questioned and undermined. Years of goodwill and exemplary service to citizens can be erased overnight when core systems underperforms. As labor and workforce development agencies look to modernize and evolve their delivery models, it is imperative that employees and the citizens they serve are at the center of all design decisions.

We work with you to enable and accelerate your unemployment insurance (UI) modernization journey, leveraging over 10 years of experience transforming UI and other complex system environments in more than 26 states. We bring the skill sets, tools, and qualified resources to quickly adapt to and support your agency’s UI transformation initiatives. Our professionals help clients navigate both the expected and unexpected obstacles that frequently exist in these experiences and we bring proprietary tools that are enriched by each implementation to accelerate the realization of improved outcomes for citizens served.

A 360-degree perspective, with results that matter

KPMG realizes that all too often, large transformation projects struggle and fail in the public sector, for a variety of reasons and constraints. We bring a broad lens, a body of work, battle scars and all to each of our engagements – with one goal in mind: do what it takes to enable our client’s success and achieve their desired outcomes for citizens served. At KPMG, we focus on improving your connection with citizens and staff, embraces technology to accelerate speed to value, and preserves citizen trust throughout the journey. We are your partner on both good days and bad; and we will relentlessly focus on your mission to provide improved services to your citizens and communities.

UI transformation

Guiding people-focused UI transformation

  • Business process reeingeering
  • Rapid assessment, benchmarking, and streamlining of UI processes
  • Transformation planning
  • Customer experience (CX)
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Program management and outcomes improvement
  • Audit readiness and compliance
  • Organization change management and training
  • Independent verification and validation (IV&V)
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Program integrity

Enhancing return on investment in combating UI fraud

  • Assessment of fraud and program integrity processes
  • Fraud, anomaly, and non-compliance investigation
  • Use of National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) Integrity Data Hub to cross validate UI claims and development of dashboards to display results
  • Development of machine learning models to identify risk factors and predict fraud
  • Claims linkage analysis 


Building an equity-centered UI system to shape an inclusive workforce

  • Assistance implementing policies an programs that help ensure equitable access to UI programs
  • Policy analysis
  • Equality compliance management
  • Identification of labor market issues that are affecting equitable employment
  • Development of inclusive workforce development strategy
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Data-driven decisions

Translating data into valuable insight

  • Conversion of data into labor market information intelligence to inform decision making
  • Identification of gaps needed for available job openings using data on the skills and credentials of the UI claimant pool
  • Forecasts, budgets, and modeling
  • Intake optimization
  • Claims analytics and processing leveraging advance machine learning techniques
  • Data-driven case assignment
  • Workload management

Enablers that enhance and accelerate your UI modernization

Our professionals help clients navigate both the expected and unexpected obstacles that frequently exist in complex transformations and we bring proprietary methods and tools, enriched by each implementation, to accelerate the realization of improved outcomes for the citizens you serve.

KPMG Reference Enterprise Reference Architecture (KERA)

Focus and guide your modernization

A set of reusable tools, reference model,  and methods that guides and f1ocuses large-scale transformations of UI and related programs. Leveraged in more than 19 states to support transformation efforts, KERA is aligned with Federal requirements, industry standards, and leading practices and expedites and enriches your transformation journey, with high-quality, robust project deliverables throughout.


  • Start with the end in mind, with Federal requirements and your program goals built-in
  • Jump-start your modernization by leveraging a comprehensive library of business processes
  • Document your specific target program workflows, how your UI program needs to work to enable your goals
  • Accelerate the data and integration requirements needed to deliver your workflows with an extensive library of integration patterns
  • Test requirements needed for your target workflows, technical, and data integration requirements.

Benefit Accuracy Measurement data analytics solution

Strengthen program integrity

A flexible and robust predictive analytics model that helps you identify risky UI claims, claimants, and employers to improve detection of fraud, overpayments, and underpayments while also helping balance the competing requirements of promptness and accuracy of payments. The solution leverages UI benefits data ecosystems and subsystems to help bring data to life and optimize program integrity efforts.

  • Identify inconsistencies and disconnects in the claims process that result in errors
  • Detect anomalies to find unusual attributes or transactions
  • Detect patterns associated with known fraud
  • Determine whether the claim for the week was paid properly or improperly
  • Provide valid information on the rates, responsibility for and causes of over- and under-payments

NASWA Data Integrity Hub integration tool

Automate data integration and visualization

A robotic process automation solution that uploads state claims records to the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) Identity Data Hub (IDH) for cross-matching, analysis, and alerting and downloads response files. Summary and individual dashboards display data aggregations and individual record details for suspicious and non-suspicious match records, allowing you to better investigate claims prior to issuing payment.

  • More effectively and efficiently leverage the NASWA Data Integrity Hub to detect and prevent UI fraud
  • Visualize and drill down into data with summary and individual dashboards
  • Free up employees to handle more complex questions and claims
  • Increase capacity and productivity within a short timeframe and low investment cost

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