Smart bases for more resilient military operations

Bases that help achieve missions

Chad J Jones

Chad J Jones

Managing Director, Advisory, FED Supply Chain & Operations, KPMG US

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The Department of Defense (DoD) and other government facilities and installations operate as manually integrated ecosystems of personnel, operations, and infrastructure. The model has worked in the past, but government leaders envision smarter bases that match warfighting approaches and can stay ahead of mission demands.

Modern methods and smart technology can help large installations and campuses achieve these leaders’ visions to build smart bases. New capabilities will make them more responsive and resilient while lowering risk and costs and raising quality.

A smart base integrates base operations including housing, food services, security, logistics, and depot maintenance so sensors, data, and predictive capabilities can choreograph all actions. A smart base connects technology and individuals to enable human-machine teaming and data-driven decisions. Smart bases, usually involving large installations and government campuses, achieve stronger operational performance, service delivery, and physical security. While a relatively new concept for government use, we constantly use smart technology to improve our daily lives.

KPMG smart warehouse and smart depot: Transform your buildings and processes

Smart bases are real

KPMG is helping federal agencies achieve their smart base visions using our customizable approach including components such as smart warehouse and smart depot. We are helping the U.S. Marine Corps develop a 5G smart warehouse1 and transforming how the DoD stores and issues its most sensitive weapons, COMSEC, and optics.

Smart bases are real. As defense agencies turn smart base visions into realities, we can help achieve these missions with greater safety and efficiency, and a better user experience.


  1. Source: Naval Technology, “KPMG to support delivery of USMC 5G smart warehouse,” April 13, 2022.