Citizen Experience
Citizen Experience

Citizen Experience

Helping federal leaders stay ahead of citizen expectations to deliver personal, individualized services.

The expectations of the citizens that federal healthcare agencies serve have fundamentally changed. High expectations for quality, value, and service are now the norm. The challenge for these agencies is to ensure a seamless and personalized user-experience. With the 2018 Presidential Management Agenda requiring government to provide customer experience comparable to leading private-sector organizations, exceptional citizen experiences that anticipate wants and needs are the only way forward. We can show you how to get there.

How KPMG can help 

At KPMG, we are driven to help federal healthcare agencies succeed; inspiring confidence in their customer experience strategies to empower change. We help our clients find their consumer focus, from assisting with the critical pre-work to customer lifecycle, channel and journey analysis.

We believe the citizen must be at the heart of everything. So, we look to the enablers – your people, your processes and your technology – to better position you to serve your end user.

We offer practical ideas for change, paired with pragmatic actionable plans to help you achieve your overall customer experience strategy. 


Know Me. The Key to Individualized, Personal Customer Experience:

Based on nearly a decade of research and more than 2 million evaluations across multiple markets, we have identified and validated six fundamental components of every great customer experience. Watch to learn more about The Six Pillars of customer experience excellence. 

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