COVID-19 Insights for the Government & Public Sector

Insights to help government and public sector organizations respond and recover.

Lorna Stark

Lorna Stark

National Government & Public Sector Leader, KPMG US

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Brenda Walker

Brenda Walker

Partner, Advisory, KPMG US

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Anthony Monaco

Anthony Monaco

National Risk Consulting Leader, State & Local, KPMG US

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Governments are facing unprecedented challenges caused by COVID-19. Agencies are under significant strain as they work to rapidly mobilize in order to safeguard citizens, manage the social and economic fallout of the COVID-19 response, and ensure the security of operations.

Immediate action is critical, but leaders must also embrace a new agenda—one aimed squarely at what comes next, for business and all of society. KPMG’s government professionals can help your organization meet today’s difficult challenges and adapt to a new reality responsibly, efficiently and transparently. Browse our ideas and advice below.

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