How to build a future ready agency

In an era when integrity of services is now simply table stakes, old approaches to agency operations no longer fit today's missions - let alone tomorrow's. To be truly successful, agencies must transform processes to be more efficient, transparent, scalable and adaptable to ever-changing demands.

KPMG’s Federal Advisory services help government agencies see around corners, strategically shift with change, and get ahead of the curve. We apply lessons from innovative, trailblazing businesses to help federal agencies embrace new technology and develop agile business and transformational operating models fit for the rapidly changing world. Our solutions are aligned to the biggest challenges facing governments—now and in the future. 


Intelligent Automation 

Unleash the true power of your workforce

Agencies are continuously challenged by mounting budget constraints, expanding workloads, declining workforces, and increasing citizen expectations. Intelligent automation provides a powerful spectrum of technologies to enhance productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Whether in mission delivery, citizen engagement, or back-office functions, intelligent automation is a game-changer, freeing up the workforce from menial tasks to focus on higher-level, strategic pursuits. KPMG can help your agency harness these innovative tools to work smarter and faster—and reach its untapped potential.

Kirke Everson

Kirke Everson

Principal, Federal Advisory, KPMG (US)

+1 703-286-8106


Safeguard your agency… and public trust

The cyber threat has long been a concern for federal agencies, but the recent attacks at the highest levels of government makes it clear more needs to be done. Loss or exposure of crucial infrastructure can not only derail your mission, but shake the very foundation of American democracy: public trust.

At KPMG, we approach cybersecurity as a business issue, not just a technology issue. We help federal agencies operating in today’s digital and connected world apply the right tools and resources to protect, improve, detect, and respond to a myriad of ever-changing cyber threats while maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical functions.

Tony Hubbard

Tony Hubbard

Principal, Federal Advisory, Cyber Leader, KPMG (US)

+1 703-286-8320


Find the missing link in government operations and services

What if citizens could avoid trips to the DMV by accessing registration and insurance documents on-demand? Or if public health leaders could instantly gather important data they need to battle a disease outbreak?

By changing how government entities work with data, blockchain can enhance mission delivery and build the public’s trust in government. This powerful new technology gives everyone access to a single, updated, integrated, encrypted record, thereby reducing manual effort, decreasing technology infrastructure needs, saving time and reducing costs. With blockchain poised to transform how governments operate, KPMG helps agencies explore its potential to serve citizens faster, safer, cheaper—and simply better.

Ishan Kaul

Ishan Kaul

Managing Director, Federal Advisory, KPMG (US)

+1 703-286-6753

Data & Analytics

Spot and act on future trends

Increasing policies and regulations mean federal agencies today hold an unprecedented variety and volume of raw data. By applying smart analytics to derive meaning from it, that data becomes invaluable, holding the potential to transform just about everything the government does.

KPMG has the right combination of in-depth federal knowledge, big data transformation know-how, and advanced analytics capabilities to get value from government data stores. We help turn federal agencies into data-driven, decision-making organizations, driving smarter decision-making, improved operational efficiency, more effective risk management, and greater transparency into spending.

Viral Chawda

Viral Chawda

Principal, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions, KPMG (US)

+1 214-840-2000

Secure Government Cloud

Protect your data, propel your mission

Federal agencies need world class data protection to safeguard critical assets, meet strict compliance requirements, earn citizen trust, and fulfill vital missions. That’s why many federal agencies are turning to the cloud.

KPMG helps government agencies transition confidently to the cloud, vastly improving the security of data and systems while also increasing agility, responsiveness, reliability, efficiency and scale. We have deep experience architecting and building trusted cloud platforms, and are one of the few firms currently integrating artificial intelligence and data and analytics to further enhance the value of new cloud environments.

Rob Dwyer

Rob Dwyer

Principal, Federal Advisory, Technology Leader, KPMG (US)

+1 703-286-8590