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Helping federal agencies achieve their mission with efficiency, accountability, and adaptability.

Brenda Walker

Brenda Walker

Partner, Federal Advisory Leader, KPMG US

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Rob Dwyer

Rob Dwyer

Principal, Federal Advisory, Technology Leader, KPMG US

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Digital government. Mission advancement.

In the face of budget constraints, emerging threats to data and systems, expanding workloads, outdated technology and delivery models, and increasing citizen expectations, the Federal Government must find ways to work faster and smarter. How? Agencies must embrace modern technologies and delivery models including leveraging the cloud, advanced analytics, intelligent automation, and cybersecurity to meet the demands of their business and citizen expectations.

How KPMG can help

KPMG works side by side with federal agencies to help them transform outdated technology and inefficient business processes. Through these business transformations, KPMG helps agencies better meet their mission requirements amid the many challenges they face to meet stakeholders’ needs. As a partner to the Federal Government, we work collaboratively with clients and each other on every project and bring a holistic perspective, deep knowledge of government operations and finance, and specialized skills in program integrity, cybersecurity, advanced analytics, and intelligent automation.