Transforming government with intelligent automation

All levels of government face challenges that intelligent automation can help address by bringing knowledge and practical experience to unrivaled scale.

Federal agencies face a perennial challenge: having enough resources to effectively carry out their mission. Budget constraints and pending retirements are putting a strain on operations, resulting in huge backlogs of work. What’s more, citizens are demanding better, more consumer-friendly services.

Intelligent automation encompasses a range of technologies from robotic process automation to highly sophisticated cognitive technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. In its most basic form, intelligent automation can be used to automate spreadsheet-driven back office tasks, while the most advanced technologies use machine-learning algorithms to perform high-level tasks typically requiring human workers, like processing documents such as medical records or applications, but only faster, more efficiently, and more accurately.

In addition, new government mandates are driving agencies to consider intelligent automation.

How KPMG can help

KPMG is a pioneer in providing intelligent automation solutions. We take a business-first approach, working closely with our clients to pinpoint the exact business challenge they are trying to overcome. By focusing on the mission objective, we help agencies determine the best technology capability that can be integrated with their existing solutions that also aligns with their strategy. We have worked with agencies on a full range of intelligent automation projects, from process automation to advanced cognitive applications, to enable cost management, customer engagement, and risk management.

Our services

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Intelligent automation strategy and business case
  • Vendor and technology insight
  • Solution design and integration 
  • Pilot stand up 
  • Center of Excellence design and stand up

Common applications of intelligent automation

Back-office Automation

Unstructured Document Ingest and Review

Cognitive Contract and Regulatory Review

Intelligent Interactions for Government

Humans – Be Free

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