ConTextual reasoning service

Helping government modernize so policymakers can focus on crafting policy—not the heavy administrative work.

Crafting informed, evidenced-based policy is essential. Gaining insights from hundreds or thousands of public comments to inform policy is labor intensive, time-consuming, and costly—but it doesn’t have to be.

KPMG’s ConTextual Reasoning Service streamlines the public comment process, helping government agencies find greater insights from qualitative information much more quickly.

Our service uses smart technology accelerators including natural language processing and machine learning to perform document categorization and sentiment analysis that enables government agencies to:

  • Perform basic and advanced text analysis tailored to your program
  • Prepare tagging recommendations based on rule taxonomies, themes, and issues
  • Increase the accuracy of comment analysis
  • Increase the value of insights derived from large amounts of text
  • Generate customized metrics and reports
  • Request projects ‘on-demand’ as the need arises

KPMG policy analysts work in tandem with government experts to bring these powerful technologies to life through practical design, development, and seamless integration. Collaboratively, we examine results, help ensure accuracy, and modify or scale to meet specific agency requirements and goals.

Our service enables policymakers to spend more time on policymaking and substantially less on administration.

Watch a quick video and see KPMG’s ConTextual Reasoning Service in action

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