Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence Accelerator

Agencies are struggling to deploy and scale RPA across the enterprise. This accelerator can help deliver more value from agencies' investments.

Kirke Everson

Kirke Everson

Principal, Advisory, KPMG US

+1 703-286-8106

Despite widespread recognition and examples of intelligent automation's benefits in government operations and programs, decentralized development, governance, management, and deployment threaten intelligent automation's effectiveness and enterprise-wide value.

As the external pressures and internal demand for automation increases, agencies need a solution. To help vet, prioritize, and measure intelligent automation use cases and investments, agencies are using this platform-based accelerator enabled by the KPMG Integrated Value Management methodology.

KPMG understands the critical importance of enhancing visibility, governance, monitoring, and control of digital applications like RPA, AI, and advanced analytics.

Watch how the Center of Excellence Accelerator tool works