Transform your approach to security with solutions that meet the mission

KPMG Securing the Government’s Workforce

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Jeremy Flantzer

Jeremy Flantzer

Director Advisory , Con FED Tech. Enablement, KPMG US

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Michael Pontiakos

Michael Pontiakos

Advisory Managing Director , Con FED Transformation Deliver, KPMG US

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KPMG Securing the Government’s Workforce

Transform your approach to security with solutions that meet the mission.

KPMG is proud to be the Wi-Fi sponsor of the AIA/NDIA Industrial Security Committee Conference 2022, an event that addresses major government security topics.

While at ISCC, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with KPMG leadership to discuss how we can help your organization digitally transform its approaches to industrial security, personnel security, insider threats, and security training.

How We Help

We understand that a successful end-to-end business transformation requires innovative strategies, data-driven approaches, and a people-first mentality. Equipped with the brightest minds in the industry, KPMG is ready to be your trusted transformation advisor.


Embracing automation is the first step toward a digital workforce and is integral to a true organizational transformation.

Is it automatic?
Five keys to deploying AI and automation in government

Workforce Management Assessment

Optimize workforce resources to serve customer needs. KPMG engages with all levels of management to analyze resources and identifies areas to increase efficiencies.

Data Analytics

Leverage advanced data science and analytics to develop applications that transform your organization, including: workload and resource optimizations, workforce management, risk assessments, and more.

Data as product: Rethinking your approach to data
Easy access to reliable, high-quality, and trusted data stubbornly remains one of the most significant impediments to data-driven decision-making by our government agencies. Agencies at all levels are sitting on vast treasure troves of data, but that potential has largely gone untapped.
Do your citizens get a 100% secure digital experience?
Build security into the digital experience from the start to be certain.
Mission delivered. Market speed.
Methods to help governments deliver value faster

Business Process Re-engineering

Streamline and improve business processes using Lean Six Sigma principles to eliminate waste/redundancies, capture future state through rigorous analysis, and institute continuous process improvement.

Change Management

Deliver change leadership, stakeholder assessment, communications, and training strategies that accelerate stakeholder adoption of new processes, tools and systems.

Federal supply chain operations
Behavioral change management