The customer experience continuum

Payers must join health systems and pharmaceutical manufacturers in efforts to improve customer experience.

Ash Shehata

Ash Shehata

Principal, National Sector Leader for HCLS, KPMG US

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In a world where health systems and pharmaceutical manufacturers have accepted the need to meet consumers where they are, health plans cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. The customer experience can be enhanced through a better understanding of patient preferences and health challenges, as well as the plan offerings and service qualities they value most. This requires a solid foundation of optimized technologies comprising data integration, application modernization and workflow optimization, and intelligent automation:

  • Data integration: To mine the full potential of the spectrum of data they possess, payers are increasingly working with insurtech companies and using machine learning to uncover data-based insights related to chronic diseases and patient behavioral patterns.
  • Application modernization and workflow optimization: Forward-looking payers are improving the customer experience by shifting their focus toward front office operations, e.g., optimizing initial touchpoints, facilitating automatic registration, and collaborating more effectively with providers.
  • Intelligent automation: Payers are moving toward automation of mundane, time-consuming tasks, not only to create in-house efficiencies, but also to improve customer service by reducing the time required for claims processing and inquiries.

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