Diagnostics: Ramp-up of testing for COVID-19 & beyond

Private labs seeking to restructure or build to deploy COVID-19 testing operations can benefit from KPMG’s rapid start-up approach

Kristin C. Pothier

Kristin C. Pothier

Global and National Healthcare and Life Sciences Strategy Leader, and Global Deal Advisory Leader, Healthcare and Life Science, KPMG US

+1 617 549 2779

As unemployment continues to balloon and calls to open the economy increase, so do requests for widespread COVID-19 testing. Although private labs have been scaling their operations, capacity is still far short of the level requested for workforce mobilization in certain areas.

KPMG’s broad diagnostic experience, deep knowledge and global footprint can help labs quickly restructure or build to deploy testing operations within weeks. This issue brief outlines our approach to standing up an effective COVID-19 testing lab, including:

  • Developing a strategy for new lab services for existing labs or start-up labs from the ground up to serve hospitals, government agencies, employers, universities, consumers at home, and others
  • Addressing operational considerations comprising lab set-up, third-party coordination, creation of innovative test platforms and services, volume forecasting, and more
  • Recruiting and onboarding personnel for end-to-end lab flow
  • Conducting rapid IT and system assessments

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