Connected Health: The new reality for healthcare

High performing healthcare organizations need to evolve key capabilities and make technological investments to build on the digital momentum.

Lydia Lee

Lydia Lee

Partner and National Leader, Digital Health and CIO Advisory Services, KPMG Canada

+1 416-777-8874

Evan Rawstron

Evan Rawstron

Partner, Management Consulting, KPMG Australia


If the experience of consumers is to be the ‘true north’ of our health systems, how should executives, clinicians, payers and policy makers navigate toward it as the pandemic subsides? How can they embrace the promise of digital to give consumers what they need and expect, while managing within a new era of fiscal constraints? And how should fatigued workforces be balanced against the substantial shift in ways of work that the digital age of healthcare will almost certainly herald?

To support health systems in this shift, KPMG Healthcare specialists seek to set out how healthcare organizations can deliver the digital transformation needed to be successful in this new reality. KPMG’s vision is of a truly connected health system, where digital transformation allows healthcare consumers to experience a seamless care journey that is:

  • Connected across channels
  • Connected across care settings
  • Delivered by healthcare organizations with integrated front, middle and back offices
  • Underpinned by harnessing enterprise technology for the benefit of consumers
  • Supported by investment in new skills needed to deliver on the promise of digital technology


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