The Dawn of Precision Medicine in Neurodegenerative Diseases

We are on the precipice of Precision Medicine in neurodegenerative diseases (NDDs)

Special thanks to Efe Alyanak, Thomas Angiulo, Puja Ghelani, Alli Gitnik, Hayden Kickbush, Jeff Stoll, Jack Verity

Special thanks to Efe Alyanak, Thomas Angiulo, Puja Ghelani, Alli Gitnik, Hayden Kickbush, Jeff Stoll, Jack Verity

We are on the precipice of precision medicine in neurodegenerative diseases (NDDs) but many key questions remain:

  • What can be learned from cutting edge approaches in oncology to drive better patient outcomes in NDDs?
  • Why have NDDs remained untreatable for so long and what can be done in in the future?
  • Are we thinking about the causes of NDDs in the right way or do we need to take a step back?
  • Is the amyloid approach the panacea for all patients?
  • What will it take to diagnose the disease early?
  • How does the patient journey need to evolve for a precision medicine future in NDD?

Key takeaways


Historically, NDDs have been thought of as neurological diseases, but thinking needs to evolve to capture the systemic nature and to drive future treatment in NDDs


Pharmaceutical and biotech companies should think beyond traditional approaches of just amyloid and tau, and consider other driver pathologies such as metabolic dysfunction, mental health, and inflammation


To enable timely identification, diagnosis, and monitoring, diagnostic and biopharma companies should work together to evolve and innovate diagnostics tools beyond CSF-based testing and imaging


Treatments of the future should incorporate multi-modal, personalized approach

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