Elevate the Provider Experience

Unlocking value through enhanced payer-provider collaboration.

Even as healthcare is shifting towards value-based care and payer-provider partnership models become prevalent, payers continue to focus on member experience to improve business performance and net promoter scores, often disregarding the importance of provider experience. This disconnect maintains the long-standing the long-standing misalignment of payer and provider objectives while overlooking significant sources of value that benefit both parties, ultimately helping the members.

In this paper, we summarize the key strategies required to elevate the provider experience. Those strategies include addressing operational efficiency, supported by digital tools, with an interoperable data and technology foundation that can enable payers and providers to work collaboratively towards aligned incentives, for example. These strategies should be considered holistically, supported by cohesive, organization-wide capabilities, systems, and tools instead of point solutions. Payers must also communicate openly with their network providers order to fully comprehend how strategies can meet providers’ specific needs. Once a thorough understanding has been attained, steps can be taken for proper implementation to ensure that the strategies will be adopted.

This is a transformational journey but payers who invest in improving the provider experience on the front-end can help providers to facilitate the best customer care and lower overall healthcare costs.

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