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Convergence of payers and providers.

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I think we're seeing a lot of interest in patient engagement tools, remote patient monitoring, telehealth, electronic medical records, kind of data and analytics, healthcare SaaS, rev cycle, all of those. I would say those are... There's a lot of interest from strategics as well as private equity. So from the strategics' perspective, there's kind of almost a battle between private equity and strategics around kind of who's cross pollinating what services for whom. There's kind of this convergence of payers and providers. There's these platforms that payers are trying to build which serve multiple payers on their kind of pay buyer side of the business. So a very interesting deal thesis around commercializing to kind of other clients, to taking medical costs out. Brett, to your point around combining platforms to reduce GNAs. So lots of interesting things going on there. And there's almost a competition for... In terms of patient engagement, there's almost kind of a competition ongoing between payers and providers for really who owns the patient or who owns the member in terms of reaching out, kind of where does the loyalty stand and how do you direct them for care.

Ross Nelson, MD

Ross Nelson, MD

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