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Inflationary and geopolitical perspectives.

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And so when the survey was done, that market was still going incredibly hot. And we'll talk about where we think it's going now. And so I'd say we are in general still pretty bullish. I think it's going to be a very strong M&A year, but where we were then and where we're now is a little bit different. And we think about some of the things have changed since we did that was one inflationary pressure. I wouldn't say it's new, but I'd say it's much more clear and it's much more talked about, and we know it's there. Second, the geopolitical tension. And so aside from the human issue there, that's the most important thing to all of us, and put that on the side, is think about what's going on in Europe and those things. What is that going to do to the M&A market? We know stock markets have been certainly dealing with that. And it's been reflecting the valuations.

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Brett Glover

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