Sub-sector perspectives

We look at life sciences, from a biopharma, diagnostics, biopharma and lab services and medical device, and in healthcare, it's the whole continuum of care.

Video transcript

So today, as we talk about our global insights, we're really looking at it from a perspective of all the deal and strategy that we're doing across the space and we're really following all of the sub-sectors across healthcare and life sciences. In life sciences, it's biopharma, it's diagnostics, it's biopharma and lab services and it's medical device. In healthcare, additionally, it's the whole continuum of healthcare, from across the continuum of healthcare IT, hospitals and health systems, behavioral health, which has just seen such blossoming over the past couple of years, specialty physician practices and home health and hospice. And so as we look across all of these and look at the insights across all of these, we'll be spending time digging deeper into each one of these.

Kristin C. Pothier

Kristin C. Pothier

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