The Connected Supply Chain

The Future of the Life Sciences Supply Chain Series: Issue No. 1

Today, life sciences supply chains are no longer an afterthought and are, instead, at the center of the C-suite growth agenda. 

Life Sciences supply chains continue to evolve and transform to address the volatility and growth the industry expects. We are experiencing unprecedented acceleration of end-to-end supply chain digitalization as organizations endeavor to enable data-driven, intelligent, and agile supply chain operations. However, most of today’s life sciences supply chains still struggle to meet stakeholders’ expectations. In this paper, KPMG examines five key topics that are top of mind for life sciences leaders as they consider their supply chains:

  1. The connected supply chain focused on the customer and patient experience
  2. The impact of the M&A transaction landscape
  3. De-globalization in life sciences while boosting resiliency and limiting disruption risk
  4. Delivering novel therapeutic modalities right
  5. Making sustainable supply chains real

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