Optimizing revenue across payment models
Optimizing revenue across payment models

Optimizing revenue across payment models

Oct 05, 2017 14:00

Webcast Overview:

The healthcare industry faces unique financial challenges as it transitions to a value-based care environment. With fee-for-service contracts still the norm, healthcare leaders need to attract and build patient loyalty by demonstrating value to their consumer. At the same time, as these health systems transition a value-based-care operating model, they will need to closely manage patient utilization without sacrificing quality of care.

How do you optimize care delivery and financial results across your service lines while living in both of these payment environments? What opportunities do healthcare systems have to enhance their contracted revenues?

Successful organizations are the ones that will learn how to adapt and optimize revenue across their operating models and within their service lines. Join us to hear featured KPMG LLP (KPMG) speakers Joe Kuehn, Partner and Rathish Moorthy, Director discuss:

  • The challenges of managing across different payment models as the industry evolves
  • How service line analytics can help you identify competitive market positioning and patient leakage across episodes
  • How health systems are leveraging analytics to identify opportunities to increase revenue through improved contracting.


Joseph F. Kuehn Jr.

Joseph F. Kuehn Jr.

KPMG, Healthcare Advisory Partner

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