Relationship Capital: The path to profitable growth through patient loyalty and provider productivity
Relationship Capital: The path to profitable growth through patient loyalty and provider productivity

Relationship capital

Webcast Overview:

Hospitals and health systems have a renewed focus on profitable organic growth. After decades spent developing physical assets, implementing systems, and making acquisitions, executives are asking how they can best get a return on these capital outlays. Further, as experienced in other industries, healthcare is being disrupted by rising consumer expectations and new technologies.

Ultimately, organizations that can offer high quality care, information and support to patients where and when they need it, will be best positioned for success. Sounds straightforward? Well, it’s a transformation journey that is complex, and can span multiple years. While the path forward has to be unique to an organization - there are some rules that are relatively consistent.

Attendees of this webcast will come away with a better understanding for:

  • Growth: all growth is not good. Investments have to be focused and informed by an understanding of what drives quality and profitability 
  • Loyalty: healthcare organizations need to think more like loyalty businesses. In other words, focus less on the value of a given episode or transaction, and more on the life-time value of a patient.
  • Operating model: healthcare systems need to adapt their operating model to support their physicians. The great majority of systems have significant hidden potential.

It really is about building Relationship Capital. The organizations that are leading the way in the race towards greater consumer centricity are laser focused on meeting the needs of their patients and physicians.

Featured speakers are KPMG LLP healthcare professionals Michael Beaty, Principal and U.S. Leader for Access, Revenue and Operations, and Alex White, Healthcare Strategy Principal.


Michael Beaty

Michael Beaty

Principal, Advisory Healthcare Solutions, KPMG US

Alexander White

Alexander White

Principal, Strategy, Healthcare, KPMG US

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