Eyes on the horizon: future-forward insights for aerospace and defense executives

Change is everywhere. Uncertainty is rife.

For today’s Aerospace and Defense (A&D) executives, the future is uncertain. In this environment, A&D manufacturers will need to be forward looking and nimble. The big question facing A&D executives is how to keep their organizations grounded in the realities of today, but with their eyes keenly focused on the horizon.

In this article series, KPMG’s Aerospace and Defense leaders look into the future to identify some of the emerging trends, challenges and opportunities facing today’s A&D executives, from the impact of automation and cognitive computing through to projections on the state of the M&A market.

Kicking off with a compelling look at some of the new cyber security challenges and opportunities facing the sector, this series will uncover new ideas, share leading practices and offer keen insights as we take a future-forward look at
growth in the A&D sector. New articles on critical topics will be posted regularly, so check back often to read the latest in the series.

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