Enduring the IoT storm to unlock new paths to value

Protecting connected industrial products

The internet of things (IoT) is poised for exponential growth in nearly every industry and marketplace. As companies seek competitive advantages through deeper insights, consumers demand technology in everyday products, and organizations continue to increase reliance on interconnected technology; this ecosystem has become increasingly complex. With the sheer number of stakeholders, each exposed to unique threats posed by connected devices—how are forward-looking companies avoiding unforeseen risk exposure, redundant costs, and other issues that can bring an IoT program to a grinding halt?

That’s where IoT risk and governance comes in. A well-designed risk and governance approach helps ensure your IoT program can withstand the blizzard of risks—by taking a risk-focused strategy, delivery, and operations program, companies are deploying connected devices in a more efficient, cost-effective, responsible, and sustainable manner.

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