Industry 4.0 – Government incentives

Manufacturers should compare government incentives for i4.0 investments as they plan ahead.

Across the globe, governments are providing tax and business incentives for manufacturers that are embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (i4.0) and all its technological advances. KPMG International has examined the 10 largest manufacturing countries plus seven others to see how government incentives compare in the race to attract i4.0 investment.

In the study, we also look at other factors that need to be taken into account when planning i4.0 investments. These include:

  • The cross-border effect of treaty networks and trade zones.
  • Enforcement of trade rules, as customs authorities scrutinize imports more closely.
  • The duty-savings opportunities of free trade agreements.

Our examples in the study show that investing in the right country can lead to millions in savings. Getting it wrong can mean leaving money on the table.

Industry 4.0 (i4.0) investment — don’t leave government incentives on the table
Across the globe, traditional manufacturing economies — as well as some not-so-traditional ones — are embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Industry 4.0 – Don’t leave government incentives on the table

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