Autonomy delivers

Hear KPMG’s Gary Silberg share his perspective on the impact of autonomous delivery across industries.



So the infrastructure to develop these delivery systems is gonna be big and this is great for investment.

You'll have roads interesting things. Maybe you'll have delivery lanes.

Perhaps you can think about the skies. When you have the drones flying around and how the FAA is gonna deal with that in terms of the infrastructure in the connections of all that.

And what about even sidewalks and how things will be delivered.

It so a lot of interesting things in different players around the infrastructure to make the delivery of goods simple safe and fast.

So, we buy vehicles for a lot of different nations. One is to go shopping and in fact it's a big mission. Now today if you can start as we already see people push the button in delivery of you know shirts and ties and all the things you can buy an Amazon Electronics.

Tomorrow will look nothing like today. And these types of pushing the button delivery systems will change your reason even to go shopping.

It won't go away but when you go shopping you're just not going to go for 10 minutes and stand in line for 20 minutes.

You'll push the button and your order will be delivered. But when you do go shopping, you're going to spend a longer time. You'll need a big vehicle to take care of that so the mission is different. The number of miles traveled different and the infrastructure around that will be different.

It'll be a nice opportunity for the auto auto manufacturers and other service providers.

The future of delivery of goods it's gonna be amazing.

It used to be every couple weeks you might get something or you could opt in next week and then it went to days soon. It'll be not just next day next hour it's gonna be even next minute. The way this will happen is going to be so cool with little BOTS and flying drones. You can only imagine the future of these sidewalks and all the cool things happening. It's going to be very cool the future of delivery.