What were the most pressing issues at last year’s LA Auto Show?

Hear from KPMG’s Brian Heckler on all of the latest trends and themes being discussed at the 2018 LA Auto Show.



You know, here at the LA Auto Show, some of the most pressing things that is in the dialog, is around when and how fast this transformation of autonomy and electrification of power train is going to roll out.

You know, some of the enablers that are necessary for that to happen, some of the commercial and market forces that will really drive it.

The regulatory environment that's necessary in order to enable it to prosper and be fostered throughout its rollout and really the dynamics and opportunities on the impact of society.

Things like the second-order effects of disrupting drivers and how to re-employ those people into a workforce in higher skilled job opportunities.

This whole dimension of what all this means and things like City Planning and the new economy and how we transact and move people and goods are the exciting topics that are being covered. And really, not just could they happen, but more when will they happen and how do we make them happen.

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