Emerging auto industry trends

Hear from KPMG leaders on all of the latest trends and disruptors impacting the automotive and transportation industries.



Gary Silberg:
We've been talking about the big trends in automotive for many years now, of course, autonomous, connected, electric, but let's unpack it now because we're talking from 50,000 feet now down to the reality. It was a vehicle take you autonomously and actually pick you up at the right spot and take you to the right place where you want to go. How about the experience and feeling this car when you're in it with nobody there? How do you feel safe, how do you feel secure, what's the psychology of those types of interactions if you're in an electric vehicle and people are crossing the street? Can they hear you? How do you signal to them and being connected and being able to pay things, pay for things through blockchain? This is where we're at now and there's many, many amazing startup companies, great business models opportunities and the great thing is it's a plus, plus trillion-dollar market and it's up for grabs for those who want to seize it

Michael Pricer:
One of the key trends we’re seeing is organizations in automotive and potentially greater industrial manufacturing accounts is thinking about how to right-size the organization to try financial performance and what I mean by that is effectively thinking about what is core to the business absolutely necessary and what is context to the business or unnecessary and beginning to start to potentially outsource those pieces of the business or streamline them to be able to drive that for financial performance that's really going to be required as they shift from where they are today.

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