The future of autonomous vehicle regulation - part 2

Hear from KPMG’s Brian Heckler as he continues the discussion on where he sees the future of autonomous vehicle regulation evolving.



The impact of regulation on manufacturers is going to continue to increase whether it's from workforce safety, immigration policy, or meeting new standards around trade compliance, all the way through to even things like new technologies and how they're used.  Maybe even in transportation logistics for the movement of people and goods and how that impacts the manufacturer tomorrow.  One of the biggest drains we have in the U.S. from a cost perspective is the burden our regulatory compliance has on our manufacturers to be competitive worldwide.  On the other hand, we have a very safe, reliable, predictable rule of law and that gives manufacturers comfort so I think the key is to have the right regulation for the right reasons that motivate the right outcomes that allow manufacturers to thrive and prosper.

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