How can KPMG help clients with i4.0/supply chain

Hear how we are positioned to help manufacturers embrace Industry 4.0 and thrive in this era of digital transformation.



Eric Logan:
We're finding that clients are intensely interested in industry 4.0, I mean it's the real exciting, hot topic but I think the most clients are approaching the perspective or something that's more technology first because the technologies are very exciting things, like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, using predictive analytics, but one of the areas that we're really trying to focus on with clients is helping them kind of refocus to identify where the value is within the process, the business process, and really drive something this value first as opposed to technology first.

Doug Gates:
I talked about the trends and issues that we're seeing right now and one of them, again, is built around companies not developing this comprehensive strategy and our team really globally has developed a very strong strategy practice within industrial manufacturing and really other sectors. Industry for auto is a cross sector perspective. With that helping them developing these comprehensive roadmaps, helping them think beyond the borders of the way they traditionally run their business. Our strategy team is very aligned around industry 4.0. Our supply chain and our lighthouse teams are also very aligned. Advanced analytics and complex supply chains to open up collaboration – all of that collaboration, that transformation within the supply chain, and within the data usage across the supply chain brings our supply chain and lighthouse teams involved in it. And lastly cultural change is so big around our industry 4.0 and our people in change team have really developed some comprehensive approaches to work not on the risk, just on the rescaling side, but also on the culture and communication side of it to address the fear and uncertainty that people have.

Eric Logan:
We actually have a an entire suite of offerings around industry 4.0, but I think it really starts from helping them define what type of governance structure they need for something industry, or an industry 4.0 implementation. One other challenges is that it has to be driven top-down, because what we find is that oftentimes it's functioning led as opposed to led at the c-suite level, and when it's functioning led then generally it's so optimized as opposed to being globally optimized. We help define governance structures, we help actually identify where you can find values. We'll dissect their business processes and identify where their opportunities and where they can find value that we can use these technology enablers or technology accelerators. to assist. We’ll help them create, define and determine how to manage specific use cases and we actually do, a lot of our partners will go all the way through to actual systems integration and helping them improve deploy specific technologies

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